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Sleep Apnea Treatment – Your Options

There are more than 1.4 million Canadians who suffer from sleep apnea, according to estimates. If you are one of them, you can experience physically crippling symptoms such as prolonged daytime sleepiness that can lead to driving and work injuries, morning to night intermittent headaches, painful heartburn, swelling of the leg, chest pain while sleeping, and most alarming to your bed mate, unnaturally loud snoring, restless sleep shifting, and episodes of nighttime choking.Visit Tuckahoe Sleep Apnea for more details.

Fortunately, you may select the right remedy for sleep apnea, and Toronto experts will happily assist you in that aspect that fits your current situation.

Treatments for Lifestyle

Sometimes, a series of interconnected lifestyle changes are the first treatment plan that your doctor can prescribe. You can start anywhere you are at the moment, of course, but the clean climate of the city is conducive to these lifestyle changes for Torontonians.

The following safe behaviors are recommended for adaptation:

Practice weight control, when required, even lose weight. Studies also shown that losing weight to maintain an optimal ratio of height to weight decreases apnea episodes.

Maintain a daily period for bed. As it makes your body adapt to regular sleeping habits, you have to make it a clockwork routine.

On your hand, sleep. This is because heartburn is exacerbated by lying flat on your back, which is also another sign of sleep apnea.

Abstain from consuming alcohol and have your doctor review the medications that can cause symptoms to worsen. Toronto doctors will accept that the safest sleep apnea cure is to avoid the bedtime routine of taking sleeping pills and sedatives.

Immediately cease smoking. The chemicals found in cigarettes inhibit the proper opening of the airways, thus worsening sleep apnea.

Treatments of Medicine

If this initial treatment for sleep apnea suggested by Toronto doctors does not succeed, then the next step will be discussed. During the night, you will be made to wear a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask to prevent the breathing airways from closing when you are sleeping.

The CPAP mask is a sleep apnea treatment that is recommended for mild to extreme cases by Toronto doctors. You have to get used to wearing it, because the symptoms come back all at once once you stop wearing this gadget.

You may also use other breathing devices that also open up the airways, such as oral breathing equipment. The main thing is to get your doctor’s advice on the best possible device for your sleep apnea treatment regimen, as Toronto physicians are informed about it.

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