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A deadly foreign plague could be triggered at any time by one of these new and deadly diseases. It is important that we remain diligent and ready to meet what seems to be the unavoidable.Learn more by visiting  Partida Corona Medical Center

¬†The Covidvirus’s long-term effects are starting to show. Many who have been covering themselves are feeling insecure and fearful of venturing out into crowded areas, particularly now that cases are on the rise again. Those who have been infected with the virus, including those who have had only minor attacks, may have experienced recurrent illnesses and post-viral exhaustion, as well as bronchial complications. Strange symptoms such as tiredness, cough, and breathing problems continue and can take months to heal; I know I’ve been tired for months, I’ve had breathlessness, and I still have a constant cough, but they’re getting better.

A new, deadly virus has emerged, causing widespread alarm among the international medical community. Human Coronavirus – Erasmus Medical Center (hCov-EMC) was first described in mid-2012. This dangerous mutated coronavirus strain appears to be extremely lethal, as five of the 11 known patients have died so far. This mutated virus resembles a coronavirus strain present in bat populations. Unfortunately, it appears that this latest and lethal virus has found its way from animals to humans, and, even more concerning, a human-to-human transmission has recently occurred.

The first known survivor was a 60-year-old man who presented to a hospital with flu-like symptoms and trouble breathing in June of 2012. This patient died of kidney failure and serious pneumonia just a few days after being admitted to the hospital. Eleven more cases have been discovered in the last seven months, including one in England in early 2013. International infectious disease researchers and WHO (World Health Organization) were especially concerned about this case of hCov-EMC because the British victim apparently contracted the new and deadly coronavirus from his father, who had recently travelled to the Middle East. The virus’s apparent ability to jump from animal to human and then back again is extremely concerning.