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For example, finance leasing, non-recourse lending, tax-haven (a country or designated area that has low or no taxes, or highly secret banks and often a warm climate and sandy beaches that make it attractive to foreigners who are bent on tax avoidance and evasion)’ investments’ and redeemable preference shares. If you’re looking for more tips, Tax Shark has it for you. In the hope of attracting international companies and capital, the low-tax policies pursued by some countries are called tax competition, which can provide a rich basis for arbitrage. Usually, economists favour competition in whatever form. But some argue that tax competition is often a beggar-thy-neighbour policy that can reduce the tax base of another country, or force it to change its tax mix, or stop it from taxing the way it wishes.he argued that taxpayers would choose to locate where they get closest to the mixture they want in the face of a choice of different combinations of tax and government services. There are good variations in tax rates between different countries because they give more choice to taxpayers and thus more chance of being satisfied. This also puts pressure on governments to effectively be effective. Consequently, tax harmonisation measures are a bad idea. At least one big caveat to this theory is in place. Crucially, Tie bout assumed that taxpayers are extremely mobile and able to move to wherever their preferred combination of taxes and benefits is available. Tax competition may make it more difficult to redistribute the tax system from rich to poor by allowing the rich to move to a place where taxes are not redistributive. Tactics Used by Tax Evaders Moonlighting At its simplest level, tax evasion merely involves staying completely out of the tax system. In order to track down moonlighters, the Revenue deploys small teams of voluntary officers to carry out surveillance.