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An Overview of Tampa We Buy Houses

“We Buy Houses” is a well-known statement in the United States. I’m going to discuss about the signs that employ this phrase for the sake of this essay. I’m sure you’ve seen a local sign that says “We Buy Houses” in your town or neighbourhood at some point. Other variants include “I buy houses,” “We Buy Ugly Houses,” and so on. Tampa We Buy Houses offers excellent info on this. The majority of them are handwritten, but coloured print may make them look even more professional. The phrase is also widely used on the internet, making it easy for search engines to find. So, what really is the situation? Who is it that is putting these signs up in the first place?


In my personal business, I actually utilise signs like this. As a real estate investor, I have signs up in the neighbourhoods where I want to buy. They’re known as “bandit signs” in the industry. This is because putting them out on public property is against city code in many cities and communities, hence the term “bandit.” They’re mainly utilised to “blanket” a region in order to get the most exposure. They can be found on freeway exit ramps, at large stop lights or intersections, or along a major city street or highway. They can also be found in neighbourhood entrances, shopping malls, and Wal-Mart stores. Some will be fastened to telephone poles, while others will be fixed in the ground.

So, who is it that hangs these placards, and what do they do? These signs are clearly intended to market to home sellers. As I previously stated, I am a real estate investor, and employing these signage is a terrific method to entice sellers to contact me. It’s the polar opposite of selling something. We’re essentially selling the fact that we’d like to purchase something. As a result, Real Estate Investors will be the source of the majority of the signage. Real estate investors come in a variety of types, which means they have varied exit strategies. Some investors enjoy looking for property to rent out. Others are “flippers,” or those who look for houses to fix up and sell for a profit. They are looking for “excellent deals” or reduced properties as investors. The idea is to discover a motivated seller whose house has become a nuisance for them but still has enough equity to sell at a low price. Most will be cash purchasers who can close quickly on your home. This is the benefit of investigating the lead behind the sign if you want to sell your house quickly.

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We Buy Houses Tampa Florida
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Phone no: (813) 492-2825

Finding a Greeley Real Estate Agent

Having a real estate agent on your side is critical if you want to get a good deal on your home or property, whether you’re buying or selling. Selling your home entails more than just putting a “for sale” sign on your lawn or advertising it in the classified ads. A real estate agent can assist you in determining the best price for your home and negotiating the best deal. Greeley Real Estate Agent offers excellent info on this.

How do you choose the right real estate agent when there are so many to choose from?

The best way to get to know an agent is to speak with them directly. You could ask them directly what they think about the property, learn about their qualifications, inquire about their previous transactions, any problems with previous transactions, and see if their personality matches yours. You could tell them up front what kind of communication you expect from them, and they should be able to meet your expectations.

Check to see if they have sufficient experience and expertise, particularly in your area. They may have a strong track record in other areas, but they will have limited experience in yours. Check the State Board of Realtors for any complaints filed against the agent.

Ask a friend, family member, or relative if they can recommend someone. If they are recommending an agent, be sure to inquire about their experience with the individual. You could inquire about the agent’s client communication and, of course, their fees. Determine whether the agent will be able to meet your needs and work with you before hiring them.

Your agent may be competent, but he or she may be difficult to reach or keep open lines of communication with you. That would undoubtedly cause issues. It’s fine if your agent communicates with you through an assistant as long as they’re there for crucial transactions and go over contracts with you. The manner in which the agent communicates with clients reveals how much they value the property and how serious they are about doing business.

The agent you hire should be knowledgeable about the market in the area where you are buying or selling a home. The realtor should be aware of the competition in the region, as well as the neighborhood’s transaction history and the typical price range.

It’s fantastic to have an agent that can locate contacts who match your client’s requirements. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) should be available to your real estate agent (MLS). This would provide your agent access to a variety of properties in various places in order to find houses or properties that match your criteria.

Attending open homes while working would allow you to meet real estate agents. You’d be able to observe how they conduct business. You may see how they market the house (if it’s for sale) and even collect a few business cards from other real estate brokers.

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The Krafting Home Team – Realty One Group Fourpoints
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Phone no: (970) 405-0331

A Guide on Davy Talley Keller Williams

Finding the right real estate agent right from the start is the best way to go. However there are five signs it is time to find a new real estate agent.

Under some circumstances it is acceptable to stop the buyer or seller and agent relationship.  However, it is a good idea to look at any contract you might have signed. Get more informations of Davy Talley – Keller Williams

The first step in terminating your real estate agent is to make sure there is an ethical or legal reason to do so. Many times a problem between seller or buyer and agent can be resolved by simply by talking about the problems. There are reasons certain results occur in the real estate market and it is a good idea to have a clear understanding of what a real estate agent can do and is obligated to do.

Clear expectation of what can be expected is a good start of any relationship, especially a business relationship. Here are a few areas that you can know an agent should do for you. If these expectations are not fulfilled it may be a good time to see what options are available for finding a new real estate agent.

1. The agents should get the best possible price and terms for the person they are representing. If there is cause for concern of the loyalty of your agent to you, after talking about it with your agent this could be cause for termination of the real estate agent.

2. The agents must disclose all material facts pertaining to the property. This would be like old, and bad plumbing. A roof that leaks, or a foundation that is cracked. If there is areas that you can see the agent is simply not being honest about the property, this could be a reason to change to a different real estate agent.

3. The agent should disclose facts that would pertain to any type of price fluctuation. This would be like death, divorce, illness, moving out of the country etc. If they are the buyers agent. If the agent is a seller’s agent they cannot release any personal information about the seller without the sellers permission. If the agents are representing the seller and the buyer, they cannot release any information that is damaging to either side. They must maintain an ethical approach to do the best they can for both parties

4. If the agent is not up to date on their licenses and you find that they are representing themselves in a false manner, this may be cause for switching to a new agent.

5. You should receive adequate response to your calls and questions and should see a reasonable amount of acquirements into your home if you are selling. Therefore, you should be able to see work done by your agent. This is in the form of calls, shows, listings, and open houses. If you do not see this, it could be cause for releasing your real estate agent.

There are a few things that dictate the rules that a real estate agent should follow, here are those:

o Federal Fair Housing Act

o State Real Estate Laws

o National Association of Realtor’s Code of Ethics

o Employing Broker’s Guidelines

o Lawsuits

There are some requests an agent cannot accommodate due the laws that dictate to them rules and responsibilities. Therefore if there is a request you specifically have and do not understand why your agent is not able to follow through with that request, ask them why. You will probably find there is a good reason.

Before terminating the relationship between you and your real estate agent, be sure to communicate with your agent your concerns and questions. If the communication is not resulting in the needs you have being taken care of within a reasonable fashion, you need to read your contract and negotiate the terms for dismissal of that agent. Use caution when going from one agent to another. It can become a battle for commissions if you do not clearly state what your plans are to the prior agent and to the new agent.

Introduction to Home Buying – Housing Schemes

Despite national financial instability, rates in the UK’s housing market are rising and many people are struggling to find the funds needed to buy a house. As the shortage of newly constructed houses and the demand for housing has risen, a range of housing schemes have been set up by UK property developers to help people buy a house without the need for high loans and cheap repayment plans. With the support of a number of listed housing schemes below, there are currently a number of new projects available to be bought, including newly constructed family homes in Kent, upcoming developments in the heart of London and new homes for sale in Surrey. Surrey has a range of local housing agencies to register interest in one of the new houses and will assist those interested in buying a house through one of the available housing programmer. click to read more about us.

Right to Buy

The Right to Buy framework is explicitly designed to assist council tenants in England to buy a discount on their house. Applicants must have been a council or public tenant for five years to qualify for this scheme. (It does not have to be five consecutive years.) If they have lived in properties supported by a housing association, the armed forces or a public body such as the NHS trust, an individual is known as a public sector tenant. Not all council properties will be eligible for purchase via this scheme (for example, if it is acceptable for the elderly, a property may be exempt from this scheme) and those interested are encouraged to contact their local housing authority.


The NewBuy system will help individuals get a mortgage of up to 95 percent of the purchase price of their desired home. The scheme extends to newly designed flats and houses and is only applicable in England at present. Applicants must be able to collect a deposit of at least 5 percent of their property’s purchase price in order to apply for the programme. Once the lenders’ credit conditions have been met and the borrower is considered to qualify under the rules, up to 95 percent of the purchase price will be qualified for a loan.

There are currently a number of new buildings available for purchase via the NewBuy Scheme in Surrey. Those interested in purchasing one of Surrey’s new homes are encouraged to contact a local housing agent in order to register their interest and assist them in the application process.

Expectations And The Value Of Home Inspections

As a real estate agent I still recommend a home inspection. Bear in mind that not all home assessments and home inspectors are made equal. If you’re looking for more tips, RedStar Professional Home Inspection, Inc. – Home Inspections Katy has it for you. A home inspection is a detailed visual review of the state of the home conducted by a trained home inspector. By eligible you can look for someone from a successful firm that’s been in operation for a number of years and holds mistakes and omissions cover. you should also search for an inspector who is representative of a reputable organisation such as the Association of Home and Land Inspectors.

For buyers having a home inspection is crucial before jumping in so as to detect any unexpected repairs that a property might require. Repairs mean more money, and expense means taking a bite out of earnings. For owner occupiers an inspection will help you to take more influence over the negotiation phase and eventually the purchasing price. It also helps you to prevent unexpected remediation that might place a burden on the willingness to upkeep the house and pay the loans used to fund the home. The last thing you want to purchase is a money trap.

A skilled home inspection can go through around 1000 points on about 400 separate objects on the home. The products examined include the function and examination of all the structures in a home including but not limited to the plumbing, ventilation, electrical, internal finish, structural elements, and outside envelope. Although a detailed inspection will take between 3-4 hours, the home owner and buyer’s real estate representative should be available at the end to take a walk through with the inspector to review firsthand the quality of the property’s key components. It is also a nice time to chat about what may seem to be a significant issue on paper in the study, but in fact might be somewhat superficial. On top of the verbal report back, often make sure that you collect all the results in paper, since they prove valuable for tracking accountabilities and complaints, as well as the continuing upkeep of the house.

It’s necessary to bear in mind that there are limits to a home inspection since it’s difficult to see through walls, under ceilings, past the base, and any other place that isn’t usable without risking significant harm to the home to get there. If there still happen to be issues with major areas that require more review, it’s suggested that you recruit an expert in that field. For example if there are gaps in the base you may choose to employ a structural specialist, or if the property is serviced by a well or septic system shows signs of dysfunction, that you recruit experts unique to certain fields of experience to evaluate those structures. If you have employed a successful home inspector in the first location, they can recommend where more experience is required.

Toronto Property Management Association- insights

If you are considering taking the leap from homeowner to landlord, you should first consider the option of using one of the many property management companies that exist to make your life easier. If you’re looking for more tips, Toronto Property Management Association has it for you. Property management companies serve as the middle man between landlords and tenants and alleviate much of the stress that inevitably comes from renting property. There are many important things to consider when choosing between property management companies, to ensure you are getting the best service available.

Customer Service

When you call up property management companies, pay close attention to their customer service. Not only will you be dealing with the company on the regular basis, so too will your tenants. You don’t want to choose a management company that you don’t feel you can communicate with. When you consider customer service, include the promptness with which they reply to your inquiries as well as the friendliness of the employees.

Company History

How long a management company has been in business can say a lot about how reliable they are, though you shouldn’t base your decision solely on this aspect. For the most part, a company that has been around for a number of years, and has been known to provide excellent service for that amount of time, is a good company to choose.

Interview Them

When interviewing property management companies, ask about the types of properties that they have managed in the past, and how long they have been managing the type of property that you are leasing. In addition to the history of the company, consider the amount of experience possessed by the company’s employees. This is another important factor in determining how your experience with the management company will be.


When you hire a property management company to serve as the liaison between yourself and your tenants, you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible property management services for the money. The services a property management company provides can range from ala carte to an all-in-one inclusive package. Along with that comes an array of fees for each. You will want to discuss all fees involved in the managing of your property. Property management fees should be outlined in you manager/owner contract.


Talking to others who have had experience with a particular company is an excellent way to get a feel for how your experience will be. Ask around to friends, family, and coworkers and get their recommendation for property management companies to consider. When you talk to the companies individually, request a list of a few references to call.

Involvement in the Rental

Different management companies offer different levels of commitment to the property. Find out if the company will provide full maintenance as necessary, if they will take care of the accounting and tax information, how they handle insurance claims on the property, and other pertinent information. Getting a grasp on these important issues will be essential to choosing the company that best suits your needs. Finding a management company that suits your needs may seem like a daunting task, but it need not be. Simply ask the right questions and put in a little research; and you will be sure to find the company that is a perfect fit.

Leave The Key Homebuyers – Best Realtors

There are a few items to watch out for when finding one of the area’s best real estate agents. Sure, all of them would claim you that they’re the greatest. But a top realtor has some attributes that further set him/her apart from the rest. Four of them are here: Get more informations of Leave The Key Homebuyers
1. Disposability
A successful realtor is one who takes the time to guarantee that their buyers are pleased. And during off hours, such as evenings and weekends, this involves being responsible for them. When shopping for a real estate agent, the first thing to be aware about is ensuring they have time to answer all the requests and worries. And by the way, make sure that the realtor you choose is a full-time contractor in these same lines and not one of those “weekend warriors.” in real estate.
2. The Familiarity
Not only is a top realtor accessible for you, but you are already enough acquainted with your area or at least your section of town to recognise how your house can be reasonably priced. This is crucial, since an underpriced home would not get you the bucks you want, and without a bid, an overpriced home will stay on the market for months. The trick is to locate the “sweet spot” in between where the house can sell easily at a price you’ll be comfortable with, as it is more probable that a realtor who understands the area can price the home accordingly.
3. Negotiability Beyond
The willingness to bargain on behalf of their buyers is one frequently underestimated attribute of a top tier realtor. Since all real estate brokers are sales people, many people believe that most have the negotiation abilities required to get the price you want for your house. The fact is that while most of the top tier realtors are good negotiators, many others are not as qualified as you would assume in this field. A simple way to know how good a real estate agent is while dealing is to look at how effective their own commission arrangement was negotiated. Many realtors have a split 50/50 fee for the organisation with which they are associated. Yet a top-tier realtor would always hold 70% or more of the fee on his own.
4. Marketability Operation
In this housing sector, selling capacity is utterly crucial. The trick to the game is having focused, eligible traffic to look at your house with more sellers than buyers. To have more interested customers looking at your house, a top realtor would use a wide variety of both online and offline marketing strategies. You are considering how they plan to sell your house. Ask the real estate agent. A successful agent will teach you, along with a couple you haven’t heard about, all the publicity strategies you already recognise.

Selecting The Best Real Estate Companies

After a long and hard day of work, everybody needs a spot where they can actually relax and let go of their emotions, and this position is called a house. This is the position where they can ignore their concerns and only appreciate the short periods of pleasure. In order to get the best out of it, your home or location should also have all the stuff you like, aside from its calming ambience.Do you want to learn more? -follow this link

The thought of buying or leasing a place to stay seems easy enough, but then you begin searching for the right house, the real challenge begins. When you are searching for a new position in a foreign country, the pressure is further exacerbated. It is true that there are endless alternatives that buyers can pick from, but the issue is “are these properties worth it?” The following are several suggestions for property buyers to choose the right real estate firm that can help them find the perfect place to stay for them.

Make a comprehensive analysis – much like every other expenditure you have made previously, it also helps a lot to do a quick study. But give it a detailed one this time. You don’t just purchase a box of things, you buy a new house, and that ensures you’re going to remain there for a long time (or perhaps for the rest of your life), so do your homework carefully. In that field, enlist reputable real estate firms and the trick here is to keep narrowing down the selection. Take notice of those firms in the market who have proved their merit. They would most definitely be your strongest shot. By merely scrolling through their website and reviewing their services available and their galleries, you will verify their reputation. When you will see how successful they are at what they do, this also shows their loyalty to their work.

Visit the individual assets – after shortening the list, this comes right. It’s time for you to visit the actual properties they sell if you’ve selected the top real estate companies in that specific region. Although it is fairly easy to search the properties online, seeing and experiencing the real property with the naked eye is always the greatest. This is where you can experience what the property provides, really. It is the safest place for you to check the building as well.

How hard it is to find the right and most ideal home as well as the best real estate firms is not fresh to everyone, but with these tips, you are one step closer to making a healthy and stable purchase.

Sell My House Fast Milwaukee- A Summary

If you are able to close a deal within 5 to 6 weeks from the time you put your house for sale then you are considered lucky. It is rare that a house sells that immediately. More often houses stay on the market for calendar months without having any offer and the proprietor is later forced to lower the value in order to recover from the entire process. Do you want to learn more? Visit Sell My House Fast Milwaukee-Cream City Home Buyers

To obtain a reasonable deal and to be able to sell your house fast, the initial thing you need to is get a real estate agent. Imparting the job to an expert is the best option for selling your house. An outstanding Realtor has knowledge of how to promote your house. He would even advise the following hints for you to help you sell your house fast:

1. Set the Suitable Price – The most essential element in selling a home quickly is to price it right. Frequent mistake agents make is pricing way too high. They think that if they make their price high, they may still be fortunate to keep the price manageable after offers and counter offers. It is strongly suggested to begin with the average price than beginning with the preferred net gain. The latest selling prices as well as the fair market value might help you decide the right selling price of your property. Do not assume to sell more than the average price in the local community.

2. Prepare your Property – Make your property or home more interesting before you start showing it. Statistics states home staging helps make home sell swifter. Make your house look its best in the first place by doing needed repairs and by arranging the house. The more desirable the house the more it is salable.

3. Be Well Prepared to Show the House Any Time – It is significant that your home should look as close to move-in condition most of the time. Clean up the junk and do intensive house cleaning. Clutter and junk will decrease the potential equity of the residence and disturb the purchaser’s interest.

4. Offer Incentives – To be able to make the selling price more attractive, offer incentives. Incentives are good alternatives to cutting down your asking price. You may come across a purchaser that needs simply a little extra boost to make the buying decision. An offer to handle closing costs can help a struggling buyer afford a deposit. You may possibly also offer decorating allowance or include household stuff and home appliances in the purchase price.

5. Fade Into the Background – When the home is being shown, always keep a low profile as possible. When you have sought the help of a real estate agent, let him accomplish the selling. If you’re undertaking the selling all by yourself, be available to answer questions and conduct a quick tour but give buyers time to be alone to have a look around the house.

House buying companies can assist you in your home selling. Their practical experience will guide you regarding effective selling techniques that perform best in your area. They are fully aware the ins and outs in the real estate market. In addition, they can help you place the right selling price for your home, give concrete recommendations for bettering the likelihood of sale and guide you through every single step of the selling process.

Property Valuation – Good For Your House!

Property valuation, real estate valuation is the procedure of ascertaining an assessment of worth, for valuable real estate. If you’re looking for more tips, Valuations VIC-Property Valuation Melbourne has it for you. Real estate deals often involve appraisals as they happen infrequently and each property is usually unique, unlike company stocks, which are almost identical and happen frequently. In fact, a business could be considered a real estate investment, when the market value of its equity (the balance between the equity and the amount of debt) exceeds the cost (or value) of the assets. There are two primary approaches to determining the value of a real estate investment. One method is to use amortization; that is, to calculate the present value of the future payments, as opposed to the discounted value of future payments.

The other method is to apply market value. A market value approach is used by most real estate agents. Market value is determined by comparing the current property value to the mortgage rate at the time of purchase, as well as making adjustments for depreciation. When the value of the property at the time of purchase is higher than the mortgage rate, the loan is considered underwritten and the property valuation process begins. The process involves a few steps, including preparing the appropriate documents and taking photographs of the property, or its comparison to other properties in the area, for purposes of comparison.

There are several ways in which a property valuation can be used to facilitate the negotiation of a fair sale price. First, it provides a listing of comparable properties for the buyer to choose from and therefore eliminate opportunities for a seller to ‘game’ the system and underbid or overbid the buyer. Second, by using property valuation, the buyer can ensure that he gets a good price for the house. Third, and not least important, it allows the buyer to set a purchase price before the deal closes, with little or no chance of the seller changing his mind. Once the buyer has decided on the price, he can go ahead with the closing procedure and hand the seller the keys – an important tool in obtaining a good deal on the sale of your house!

Facts you should know about Emu Heights Real Estate Agency Association

We’ll call the Poor Real Estate Agent the first type. We’ll call the Nice Real Estate Agent the second type. And what kind of features does the Good Real Estate Agent have that are not available to the Good Real Estate Agent? Patience is the first feature. In order to get the money fast, poor real estate agents will try to sell you a home quickly. Do not purchase a house without taking a lot of time looking at several different houses. Be wary of tricks such as real estate agents saying it is the perfect one and behaving rather than giving you facts like a salesman. Get more informations of Emu Heights Real Estate Agency Association
Consideration is the third trait. During the actual signing of the contract to purchase the home at a certain price, you will realise this. You have to draw up a contract if you become interested in a property and wish to buy the property at a certain price set by YOU. The contract consists of at least three provisions that will cancel the selling of the home and a security deposit.
The three common criteria are that the buyer can get funding, the inspection of the home passes and the home’s assessment value is above the price to be bought. Generally speaking, you would want the lenders to review the home so that you know the home’s fair value and the lenders will only lend you the home at fair market value.
The security deposit is a sum that you can provide to lock the home from being sold to other buyers until you conduct checks to see if these requirements have been met. If these requirements are not met, the security deposit may be returned.
A real estate agent is a person that is used to promote the selling of real estate as an expert. In my opinion, new things, like creative marketing ideas and cutting-edge changes that impact buyers and sellers, should be available to a real estate agent. A real estate agent should be someone that listens to buyers, sellers and renters to find out what the public hates about agents and proactive agents.

Real Estate Investing – A Brief Overview

Real estate investing refers to the buying, holding, possession, improvement and/or rental of real estate as part of an overall real estate investment plan. Improvement of real estate property as a part of such an investment plan is usually thought to be part of real estate specialization known as real estate development. There are investors who are attracted to real estate speculation which involves the buying and selling of properties with the purpose of making profits from the rental or lease payments. Others who are more interested in making long term investments in real estate to take the route of real estate taxation and real estate depreciation.Do you want to learn more? find more

When real estate investors buy property, they make money by either leasing it to someone else (known as acquisitions) or by buying a piece of property, fixing up it and then reselling it at a higher price than what they originally purchased it for. The money made by the landlord through rental fees can also be reinvested in other areas such as land, constructing buildings, equipping police stations and schools, or donating to charities. One type of real estate investor who makes a lot of money is the real estate speculator who buys a house, fixes it up so that it is in excellent condition and then sells it for a profit to someone else who wants a house similar to what he has bought. Other types of real estate investors include the home builder who builds homes, then sells them for a profit to individuals who want a house of the same quality as the ones that have been built by his builders.

Real estate investors must also be aware of legalities and regulations governing their investment property. In fact, these laws and regulations have been developed in order to protect both the general public and real estate investors. For this reason, many real estate investors hire lawyers and other professionals who can guide them through the often intricate world of real estate regulations and ensure that they comply with these rules and regulations. The more informed a real estate investor is about their own investments, the less likely they are to be taken advantage of by someone who has more money than they do.

Buying a New Home vs a Resale- An Info

Did you ever see those late night TV commercials that promise you can make money in Real Estate without using any of your own money or credit? What they are going to teach you is wholesaling Real Estate.-click to read more

What is Wholesaling? It is simply this. You market for a motivated seller, get the property under contract, then sell your “rights” of that contract to another person for a fee. Typically the fee is an assignment fee, and ranges anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000. The fee depends on each deal, the market, and for how much the wholesaler got the property under contract.

One of the ways to market for motivated sellers is bandit signs, which usually say something like this “we buy houses, fast, cash, any condition, call xxx-xxx-xxxx.” Generally speaking, when you call one of these numbers you will be talking to wholesaler that is not going to actually “buy” the property, but will find someone else to buy the property. This may not be a bad thing for the property owner, because they are in a situation where they just need to get out of the property for whatever reason, and don’t really care who buys it.

Areas of Concern
Because the wholesaler is going to turn around and market his interest in the property to a cash buyers list, there is the possibility that the house may not get bought. This happens often, and unfortunately has given wholesalers a bad name.

This is often the result of many new people entering the “no money down” real estate investing game, and not knowing what they are doing. So they get a deal from a seller, and can’t find a cash buyer because it really wasn’t that good of deal in the first place. Either they didn’t get it a the right price, or their estimate on repairs is way off.

Things you can do to protect yourself. If you find yourself in situation where you need to sell your house fast, and you call a wholesaler, there are few steps you can take to protect yourself. Ask for a decent earnest money deposit. Most wholesalers are going to try to get the property under contract for $10 or less, so in the event that they can not find a cash buyer, then the most they are out is $10. I would ask for $1000 earnest money deposit. If it is good deal for them, then why wouldn’t they put up at least that much.

Ask how many deals they have done. A good wholesaler knows their numbers and they know how many deals they have done, and pride themselves on not backing out of a deal. Ask for references.
Tying it all together. So by now you should know what to expect when you respond to one of those “we buy houses” ads. Just like anything else there are good wholesalers, and there are bad wholesalers. Make sure you do your due diligence when selling your house, ask questions, and if you get gut feeling they are lying to you, or doing something shady, then don’t do business with them.