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Healthy Apple Chips

It is a fun way to support local growers and stock up on yummy apples! In my opinion, you never really can have too many apples. Generally, people that live in the southern US and in warmer climates will generally have at least one or two fresh apples per week, depending upon their location and how much they are able to harvest. Typically, people that live in more temperate climates will only have a couple fresh apples per week and designate them for baking, raw snacks and apple chips! click to read more about us.

This makes it easy to create a variety of fruit-flavored apple chips for your family or complete family snack. If you want to go with traditional crisp apple flavors, then go with a mild apple crisp for starters. If you want a sweeter flavor, try a cinnamon flavored apple chips. If you want a crunchier chip, try a golden crisp, which is very rich and has a very strong cinnamon flavor. If you want a less intense flavor, try the mild cranberry apple chips, which are slightly less crisp but have a more subtle cranberry flavor.

To make this recipe healthier, you may cut back on the amount of butter used, which helps to reduce the calories. You can also try reducing the amount of salt as well. Typically, all the apple chips are already battered and mixed with some sort of sweet syrupy substance, but if you are low on sugar, then you could also just opt for a reduced sugar apple chips mix. Another alternative to the sugar syrup is using a reduced fat honey syrup. It is healthier and has a less sweet taste than regular sugar.