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Windows’ Best (and Easiest) Way to Wash

Has it been a year since you had your windows washed? Or perhaps longer? That’s understandable. This is not one of life’s most awaited jobs. If you’ve committed to tackle the windows this season, here’s how to get them sparkling clean on the inside and out. If you’re looking for more tips, glass washing Rose City California has it for you.

Obviously, hiring someone to clean your windows is the most convenient choice. If that’s not an option, I’ve noticed that this approach is the quickest, most cost-effective, and leaves them almost streak-free.

Get the right equipment first. You’re going to need a bucket, a squeegee, several sponges, several microfiber cloths, (seriously) a chalkboard eraser, a fuzzy applicator, a mop-type, and a window cleaner. A steam cleaner and a hose-type vacuum cleaner are also good to have, but they’re not needed. You’ll notice that on this list, I didn’t include glass cleaner or paper towels.

There’ll be lots and lots of squeegees to pick from when you go to the hardware store. Get one that’s about 12-15 inches tall, with a metal handle, ideally. You may want to invest in a pole that fits on the end of the squeegee and extends your scope from ground level if you have high windows. A word of advice, don’t use a squeegee for a bathroom shower. They haven’t been made to do this job.

To mop the sudsy water off your window surfaces, you’ll need something. That is where the “fluffy applicator, mop-type” comes in. I was fortunate enough to come across a two-sided squeegee with a rubber squeegee on one side and a moppish applicator on the other. Getting a two-in-one product saves too much time! Any type of soft applicator will work if you can’t find it. Look through the aisles of the car wash for sudsing applicators.

This is not commercial, but a concentrated liquid soap made by Ettore is the best window cleaner I’ve found. I washed all the windows in two houses and only used about half of the 16-ounce bottle. This stuff is so sweet. Oooh-la-la…the that’s kind of low-cost item I love. (By the way, I’ve used this cleaner on my granite counter tops as well.) It left mirror-shiny for them). Here’s a good recipe if you want to make your own window cleaner: Combine two quarts of hot water, half a cup of ammonia, one pint of vinegar or rubbing alcohol, and a tablespoon of liquid dish detergent.