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Urbana Excavator – A Great Farm Equipment Option For The Home Owner

The new Ford Motor Company Urbana Excavator is sure to be a hot item amongst home owners looking to get back value for their homes in the wake of the weak real estate market and rising unemployment figures. The project is the brainchild of Bill Ford, the head of the Ford Motor Company, and its new home fabrication division, Ford Livestream. The company expects to produce millions of units of the Urbana Excavator over the next few years and it is targeting middle class buyers and families with two or three hundred square feet of space. The company says it will offer the lowest priced, best quality construction on the market. This should be good news to buyers and sellers who were hit by the glut of foreclosed homes on the market and are now being offered more money than ever before.You may want to check out Urbana Excavator for more.

Urbana Excavator will be available in a number of options, such as; diesel, natural gas and electric engines, four-wheel drive with a diesel option. The company also offers a warranty on their used tractors, guaranteeing that they are free from defects and unlimited mileage. The used tractor comes standard with a one year limited home warranty and a one year limited labor warranty on both the engine and transmission. Beyond warranties, Urbana Excavator comes standard with a number of features and options that make it stand out among other Class A steel tractors.

Urbana Excavator will likely face stiff competition in the coming years as companies such as Caterpillar Inc. are manufacturing smaller, more economical tractors and are introducing them to the marketplace more often. In order to keep up with the fast-paced competition, farmers will need to update their equipment. The used tractor is just the right size and weight for harvesting most of America’s fruits and vegetables and is the perfect choice for harvesting strawberries and leafy greens as well. If the housing market continues to disappoint, then Urbana Excavator could find itself in short supply as people look for more cost effective ways to make their own food.


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