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Becoming a Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon is usually a licensed medical physician trained in basic surgery methods, patient communications and basic trauma treatment, and specialized fields, including laser surgery, body sculpting and tissue transplantation. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, deals with restoring normal form and function to certain parts of the body after accidents or injury. Surgeons also perform cosmetic surgeries for patients who are not happy with their appearance. Many times the goal of plastic or reconstructive surgery is to improve a patient’s self-image, helping them feel better about their appearance and more confident in social situations. Plastic surgery can include repairing organs, repairing severe burns or scars, and performing microsurgery, which uses small tools to correct birth defects or other imperfections. Get more informations of Ruston Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery-Plastic Surgeon
The salary of a plastic surgeon depends on many factors, including location, education, experience, certification, number of years in practice and location of the surgeon’s office. Although the starting salary of most surgeons is between fifteen thousand dollars and twenty-five thousand dollars, salaries can vary widely from one surgeon to another, sometimes as much as thirty or forty thousand dollars. In addition to the starting salary, plastic surgeons who have more experience earn more money. Plastic surgeons who have performed multiple procedures earn more, so they usually make between fifty and seventy thousand dollars a year. Salaries can vary even more with specialty certification. For example, a plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive breast surgery could earn anywhere between eighty-five thousand dollars and one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year.
After you contact a plastic surgeon to schedule your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, it is important to thoroughly vet any and all potential surgeons before you consent to having such procedures done. You should find a list of credentials for the plastic surgeon you choose and ask how many procedures he or she has performed. Make sure that you completely understand the prices of the different procedures, and ask if there is a payment plan available to you. Keep in mind that most cosmetic surgeons will require several weeks to months of post-operative care, and this could easily run in the tens of thousands of dollars. Once you agree to have a cosmetic procedure done, make sure you are aware of the associated aftercare and that it includes at least six to eight weeks of bed rest, therapy and light physical exercise. If you follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions, you will recover quickly and have minimal complications after the initial operation.