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The scientific term for the fear of dentistry and dental treatment is dentophobia. This phobia is very real and can stop a person from getting routine maintenance or treating cavities or other issues with the tooth or gum. There are a few things one can do to combat this damaging emotion instead of allowing anxiety to develop. If you’re looking for more tips, Olympic View Dental┬áhas it for you.

The fear of the unknown is also debilitating. Taking the time to chat about general dentistry with a doctor might be all it takes to have the confidence to set up an appointment. Make sure you prepare as many questions as you can for the doctor so that you have a specific idea of what will happen when it’s all over from the moment of arrival to walking out the door. Cleaning techniques, the removal of plaque build-up on teeth, and the process of sealing molars are several issues to be addressed.

There are a few modern drugs one can take advantage of to help relax nerves when it comes to general dentistry. During either operation, a family doctor can recommend an anti-anxiety drug to take before an appointment, or one may opt for nitrous oxide, a gas that has a calming effect. For surgical procedures, such as extracting wisdom teeth, there’s also local anaesthesia.

Music is known for its emotion-invoking strength. Choose softer sounds, such as classical music, and speak to your doctor about wearing a pair of headphones while the exam is taking place. Simply create a playlist of songs that offer a sense of calm and then, when the doctor is ready to start, plug in the headphones.

Take the attention off the overall dentistry and instead put it on a prize. Buy a delicious ice cream pint or another favourite snack, and a nice book in advance. After the appointment is over, just indulge in these treats.

There is a sense of comfort in bringing a family member or friend to a thorough exam or teeth cleaning. On a date when someone else is also available to go, set up an appointment with the dentist and ask the person to be a source of motivation.

It might be safer to consult a licenced counsellor, depending on the extent of a person’s anxiety. This specialist will look deeper to figure out what caused the depression, and then build a strategy to resolve it. In the manner of breathing techniques and at-home exercises that create a sense of tranquilly, he or she can give assistance.