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Know more about How to Sew a Patch on a Leather Hat

Leather offers a great natural material which can be cut, tooled, molded, dyed, pressed, embossed, engraved, braided, sewn, stained, burned, painted and much more. Leather is easy to craft and sundry by everyone, from a child in art/craft school to a skilled craftsman. This natural medium is often used to make many functional items, such as hats, belts, shoes, boots, shoe strings, wallets, purses, bags, luggage, furniture, automobile upholstery, clothing, etc. Designer leather hats are increasingly becoming a popular option in the fashion scene because of the superior properties leather has compared with other fabrics. The benefits of leather hats include: click for more info

· Long life

Leather hats have an exceptionally long life that can span 5 times longer than other fabric. Therefore, buying a designer leather hat is an investment worth your money. Although you will be required to pay a little more compared to other fabric, you are assured of having your hat for many years to come. If you are the kind of person who enjoys passing items with sentimental value to future generations, a designer leather hat would make a great gift.

· Resistant to tear

Leather hats offer more resistance compared with other fabrics. As a result, they have the ability of withstanding extreme pressure without succumbing to wear and tear. When picking a designer hat, consider the leather carefully and confirm whether it looks natural, soft and its odor good. The softer the leather, the better the quality of the hat. Generally, the leather’s quality is determined by a number of factors, including the animal’s genetic makeup, the atmosphere and food source. Different hide skins offer differences in terms of color and texture.

· Retain its shape

There are different hide skins and procedures used to handle and treat skin. Generally, the fewer the limitations on the skin, the fewer the steps required to get leather. The best quality hide skin should feature few limitations. Furthermore, the natural grain should be retained when dye is used to enhance its beauty. The same way leather retains its shape for a long period, hats have the ability of retaining their shape, without cracking or peeling. Moreover, leather ages well, allowing the material to retain its good looks for long. Therefore, you can expect your designer hat to remain new and fashionable for many years.

· Resist heat & sun damage

Designer hats are recommended highly because they have an ability to resist heat, as well as sun damage. Furthermore, they breathe well making them comfortable during cold or hot temperatures, unlike many other fabrics.