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Details on Granite Supplier

Granite is a very popular countertop material today. With the addition of many importers of granite, particularly from granite from China, the price of granite has dropped dramatically. So much so that in many cases slab granite is competitive with the cost of granite tile or high-end ceramic tile. For the DIYer that wishes to replace their existing countertop with granite, there are a few tasks that need to be completed first. You may find more details about this at Granite Supplier Near Me.

In most cases kitchen granite slabs are placed over a layer of ¾” plywood. So if you have just removed old laminate tops, you will have to purchase enough plywood to cover the topless cabinet bases. The plywood should be extended flush with the face of the cabinets. In addition, depending on the type of sink you will be installing, you will need to cut an opening for the sink. The preferred sink style is an undermount sink, although a self rimming sink may also be used.

The next step is to have the granite contractor come about and make a template for the job. Always have the sink on hand before they come out; that way you can confirm with him the exact placement. For more involved sink installations such as farm house sinks, you will actually have to have the sink resting in place before the granite supplier comes out to measure.

Installing granite countertops can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your kitchen. By tearing out your old countertops and prepping for new granite tops, significant saving may be realized.