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IV Administration – Dos

Intravenously injected nutrients are absorbed immediately by the body when administered through the vein. The absorption of nutrients is very fast since the nutrient is immediately delivered into the system and reaches the parts of the body that require it fast. Intravenously administered nutrients are known as complete nutrition since nutrients are absorbed by the body only when they enter the blood stream through the vein. Intravenously fed nutrients are administered into the body via the vein for faster absorption and distribution. It is easier to administer nutrients intravenously than orally, especially for long distances. This method is best for administering nutrients to people who are ill or in need of treatment that are difficult to reach by traditional methods.I strongly suggest you to visit iv denver to learn more about this.

Intravenously taken nutrients or fluids are ideal for administering vaccines and other immune-compromised medications such as HIV and SMA, beta-carotene supplements, creatine and amino acids, herbal preparations, essential oils and fats and many others. Intraventicular route of administration is also commonly used for oral nutrition or for fluid replacement in patients who can’t eat or drink through the mouth. In the case of treating stroke and heart disease, fluids are quickly intravenously given to the patients. To treat diarrhea, a liquid is injected intravenously or orally into the intestines to replace electrolytes and liquids lost due to diarrhea. Intraventicular treatments are also used to replace fluids lost due to constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

In emergencies, intravenously injected medications may be administered immediately or may be stored at room temperature in ice packs or refrigerators. Liquid medications are more convenient and hygienic to use in emergencies than intravenously ingested medications. However, the availability of stored liquids may reduce the dosage of IV medications in emergencies and therefore, it is recommended that such liquids should be used instead of IV medications if possible.


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