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How Your Representation Can Improve Your DUI Defense

DUI attorneys, also known as driving under influence attorneys, are lawyers who specialize in assisting people accused of DUI crimes. These lawyers are experts at representing clients who have been arrested for DUI crimes, but because of lack of money, do not afford to hire expensive professional defense teams to fight their cases. DUI attorneys are the best persons to consult in such a situation. Most DUI attorneys charge differently than typical personal injury lawyers. Some DUI attorneys will take a case on a contingency basis, while some personal injury lawyers will take a case all on your own.You may want to check out Fort Lauderdale dui attorney for more.

A good DUI attorney will make sure that you get to go to trial, if the case goes to trial. They will try to convince the jury or the judge that the charge against you is valid. The key to a successful defense lies in the skills and tactics of the DUI attorney. A DUI lawyer’s major function is to aggressively build a case against you. Unlike other criminal lawyers, a DUI lawyer will not rely on police reports but will often speak with the arresting officer before visiting the scene of the arrest. This is important because the arresting officer often recants his initial statement, which can seriously undermine the strength of your DUI defense.

In some states, refusal to take a breath or a blood alcohol test can result in a heavy fine, jail time, or both. The best thing you can do to avoid jail is to hire an experienced DUI attorney. He will be able to review the evidence presented by the prosecution and present effective arguments in your defense. Hiring an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases can help get you out of jail.


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