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Disaster Restoration Tips

There was a fire in my house… What am I doing now? We get the issue a ton at First General Services of Western PA. What we will advise you is that the most crucial thing you can do is to quickly get going. The sum of money and time it takes to completely recover everything you have missed will be applied to any minute that passes… and you will waste more while you delay.Do you want to learn more? -click here

With water/flood disruption, time is most important. Fungi and bacteria will begin developing and flourishing in just 24 hours. The whole building system would continue to permeate with dirty and disgusting smells. Hardwood boards, thanks to warping, would be absolutely destroyed. It can bring bad smells to the building as well.

Take the steps…

  1. (Am I covered?) Call the insurance company.
  2. To start a site cleanup, contact First General Services (or the nearest Reconstruction Company).
  3. If you’re a corporation, email the workers to clarify the situation.
  4. Call essential customers to clarify the delays can occur.

Most importantly…act instantly! For further information, please visit the First General Page if you have any more queries.

Hold tree branches at least 10 foot from your house… and clear dead leaves/pine needles from your gutters. Few other tips….remove firewood from your home, stack it outside if necessary…. Figure out where your house is while your water is turned off. In an accident, glance at the fuse board to try and see if you switch the power off in your home. Get the fireplace and chimney tested. Be sure the fire extinguishers are all over your house in quick to reach areas.