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Dental Veneer Treatment Basics

In general dentistry, veneers is simply a thin layer of porcelain-like material put on top of a tooth. Veneers can greatly enhance the aesthetic appearance of a smile, as well as protect the surface of the tooth from potential damage. Because porcelain is considered to be a semi-porous material by today’s dental practitioners, veneers are designed to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear over many years.Learn more about us at  Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center – Des Moines veneers

If you are interested in getting new veneers, your first step should probably be to schedule an appointment with your local cosmetic dentist. During your initial appointment, your dentist will assess your teeth and take measurements to determine the best veneers that will fit onto your teeth. Once the dentist has determined the best veneers for your mouth, he or she will help you to prepare for your appointment by preparing your mouth for the veneers, placing new veneers in place, cleaning the surface of the teeth and preparing the jaw for the procedure.

One thing to remember about veneers is that they are simply veneers; they do not actually replace the tooth. Instead, veneers are used to repair damage done to one tooth by chipping another, or to cover up a less than perfect smile. For these reasons, it may be necessary to have multiple veneers placed on one tooth at one time. This is when it may be advisable to contact a dental office that offers porcelain veneers rather than acrylic.