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Compact Tractor- Importance

What are compact tractors? Basically they are self contained tractors that typically have between eight to ten inches of land clearance. These tractors fit the bill for almost any farming need that is either commercial or residential in nature. Small scale compact tractors can be used to till small plots of land and are also often used for cultivation as well as other specialized work. Even though they are smaller than regular full-size tractors, their larger load capacity makes them able to plow through even the choicest of soils.Learn more about us at  Bobcat of St. Louis – St. Louis Compact Tractor

When it comes to power, these compact tractors have a variety of options. Their most common option is a gasoline engine; however, an alternative option is a diesel engine. The most popular type of engine offered by a number of manufacturers, the farmall b series offers four cylinder engines and is the most preferred engine type for this type of compact tractor. They also offer four-stroke engines, which offer higher horsepower and greater tractional performance. Available in a multitude of sizes and styles, the farmall tractor series offers four-cylinder engines that are suited to agricultural operations that require a larger area of coverage or applications.

For those that would like to browse a list of the farmall tractors that are currently available through the company, contact info about this is also available through their website. A search engine query can help one to find the information they need.