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Reality about Albany Pianos Association

Know that this has to be fun; let’s face the music now, so to speak. The four paragraphs below will show you basic music fundamentals and how written sheet music applies to the keys on the keyboard.Check out Albany Pianos Association for more info.

To summarise, all the treble and bass notes can now be identified and middle C can be located. For all your future music lessons, these are your building blocks. It will help you to remember the notes on the keyboard and the sheet music. Play the notes and call their name out loud, what I call play and tell. When you think you can easily find them, play them out of order and tell them, and your fingers can naturally find them eventually. It would be excellent to make a daily practise schedule and stick to it, half an hour to an hour a day.

Every year, hundreds of second-hand pianos change hands privately. Just a handful of malls are in good shape for games. We know it is an important part of our business to purchase second-hand pianos and prepare them for resale. We only buy less than one in ten of the many pianos offered to us – and almost everyone wants more or less work on it.

It is important to note two things when looking for a piano.

Pianos don’t all have the same standard.

In order to meet the demand for cheap pianos, large numbers were produced in small workshops before 1914, during the boom years of piano sales. When fresh, they were of low quality and hundreds are still around, in dreadful condition many generations later.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, some excellent pianos were made. They are now 60,70,80, almost 60,70,80 years old in the life of a piano. They can still be good instruments if they have been well treated throughout their lifespan, but if they have been ignored or damaged, second-rate pianos will be tired.