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Mobile Command Center – At a Glance

The Mobile Command Center is the center of mobile operations for an aerial combatant or other military unit. It consists of a radio communication system, control station, and mobile command posts manned by trained military personnel, which allow them to commandeer, control, and synchronize aerial vehicle operations with ground vehicles and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The Mobile Command Center is usually located at the forward edge of an airfield or at the airbase itself, although this can change depending on the mission. click for more info
In the modern battlespace, it is important for an operational CTC to have multiple sources of information. This allows the controllers at different locations to relay input from the combatant wing and to receive data feeds from the tactical mission computer, tactical flight computer, and intelligence mission computer. This coordination of information feeds is essential for the continuity of the fighting force. In addition, the information provided by the various command centers and mobile command centers can allow a rapid exchange of line up information that could come from tactical unmanned aerial vehicle operations or from the combatant’s own radios. It also gives the tactical team critical real time information about enemy activity, which helps to plan the next move.
With all this important work getting done while you are out of sight at the remote location, the Mobile Command Center needs to be reliable. It is vitally important for the Mobile Command Center to use a high capacity cell phone network so that one branch can contact another quickly when necessary. As new technologies are developed that allow for more mobility and better bandwidth, this is a key trend toward the future of CTCs. Mobile Command Centers will become more commonplace in the future and will save time and money, as well as putting combatant soldiers in better positions to win the fight.