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Chiropractors Do More Than Just Crack Bones

The only things that come to mind when people think of chiropractors are bone shattering and spinal adjustments. While back problems are undoubtedly one of the most prevalent maladies treated by a chiropractor, they are also capable of treating and treating a wide range of physical issues. Visit palmercare chiropractic lakewood.

Many chiropractors specialise in specialised areas of therapy, such as sports injuries. Chiropractic treatment is, in reality, a fantastic alternative to medicine.

Muscle Ache

  • You know how painful a pulled muscle can be if you’ve ever been injured while playing sports or even just performing some heavy lifting. Stiff, painful, and pulled muscles, wherever they appear in the body, are treated with chiropractics.
  • Massage and stretching of the muscles can help to restore the muscle’s natural mobility and relieve pain. In order to achieve the finest outcomes and the most alleviation from discomfort, a chiropractic specialist may also teach you basic breathing and at-home stretching exercises.

Arthritis And Joint Problems

  • Our joints are subjected to a tremendous degree of wear and tear over time, especially in the elderly or those who are very active. This can cause pain and severely reduced mobility, and it could even lead to arthritis. Chiropractors have had a lot of success treating joint problems and relieving the pain and movement issues that come with them.
  • Some chiropractors will simply use spinal realignment techniques to help align the vertebrae in the spine. Others may treat the problem with a combination of approaches, including acupuncture.

Headaches that last a long time

Many people suffer from persistent headaches and severe migraines for which there is no evident cause. Headaches are frequently caused by neck issues such as weak muscles or misplaced vertebrae. Readjusting the spine, which allows the nerves and muscles to function normally again, can help reduce pressure in this area.

Back ache

  • Chiropractors, of course, specialise in treating all types of back pain, from minor stiffness to severe immobility and bad posture. The chiropractor can manipulate and modify the vertebrae and spinal discs by gently realigning the spinal column, which can help the muscles, tendons, and tissues perform properly again without the additional stress and stiffness.
  • Although lower back pain is the most prevalent complaint, chiropractors may help with discomfort that arises elsewhere in the back.
  • Some people are concerned that chiropractic manipulation would exacerbate any existing difficulties. While there is always a danger with every medical procedure, chiropractors are trained specialists who know how to recognise problems such as shattered bones and torn muscles that should only be addressed by general practitioners.

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